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Riverbugs and Tubing

Karamea Gorge
Try the Karamea Canyon waterway, starting at Old Man Rock, where the bolder gardens shoot you over and thru grade 3 rapids. A real buzz either in a speedy riverbug or slower moving tubes. Finishes at Virgin Creek. Also can continue on for next leg of the Karamea river.


Karamea River
Starts at Virgin Creek, out into the wider karamea river, babbling along the 1st Twin Blisters rapids, then around into, Deep Dungeon Bend. Cruising the karamea river until you enter the 2nd Twin Busters rapids swinging into and finally surfing the Horseford rapids where you exit onto sandy riverbank.


Oparara River
Beginning up at Fenian Track, twisting through the boulder gardens. A gentle ride down the Oparara river, a grade 1 waterway. Several small rapids winding its way to finish at the sandy, Driftwood beach


Box Canyon Caves             6hrs                        $ 135 Adults               $ 105 Youth
 & Nimerodel Creek
Tubing only                        4hrs                          $ 95 Adults                $ 75 Youth
Karamea Gorge                 3hrs                          $ 75 Adults                $ 55 Youth
Oparara River                    2hrs                           $ 50 Adults                $ 40 Youth
Karamea Gorge               3hrs                           $ 90 Adults                $ 70 Youth
Karamea River                1 1/2hrs                      $ 70 Adults                $ 50  Youth

All Gear Supplied
Quality Riverbugs with adjustable straps. Different size Tubes to suit your needs. Wetsuits, lifejackets, Helmets, Booties & Gloves included. Transport to location can be arranged.




River Bugs

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